A sunny shoot on Shoreham beach…

Waking up on an average weekday morning nowadays can be either a joy or a somewhat dull occasion. This normally is down to the British weather. When I was asked to model for Jane Hopkinson Bags everything was riding on the average British saying ‘weather permitting’. However when I woke on Thursday morning, joy was definitely the first thing that sprung to mind.

Leah and Jane picked me up, all smiles and ready to go. Ever the professionals, my outfits had already been sorted-each matching a wonderful #Jane Hopkinson #leather bag masterpiece perfectly.

We arrived at Shoreham beach and I was stunned by the views. A beautiful array of pastels and brights, I could see for miles a long line of beach huts. These were going to be a core part of our shoot-creating a superb backdrop for many of the bags.

First up were the rocks. Leah with her very vital piece of equipment (her camera) began to shoot me and one of my faves, the Amber, which suited the day perfectly-a big enough bag to fit your life in and fab for the beach, I found myself slowly becoming attached to her and I knew my obsession for bags was going to get worse by the end of the day.

Next was Millie, then Matilda, both looking rather fetching in blues and whites matching wonderfully with the lapping waves in the background. Many other beauties were handed to me in all sorts of colours, shapes and sizes and Leah photographed away whilst I absorbed the joy that was the English seaside.

Now I’m missing one vital ingredient. Jane. She had kindly put away her sewing machine and was now taking control but in a different way. She was our stylist, instagrammer (very important) and our runner, carefully catching the moments behind the scenes. I was very impressed as she guarded the bags out of shot with her life and directed the shoot with such creativity.

Now that’s one talented duo. Such a creative and hardworking team, I had a fabulous day and am now seeking help for my bag obsession.

Can’t wait to see the shots!