A lot of the themes were all about breaking the rules. Future is a journey , discover new ways of speaking, living in the moment and age is no age.






This theme was all about living in the moment, adapting work to lifestyle, taking more of a holistically approach to life, creating a slower pace of life.



This trend is all about simplicity – creating string vibrant colours, in blocks stripes in a modern way


Glitch – This trend is all about using the best of errors, to be more free with creativity, breaking up lines, digital exploration working with small particles, using overlay and generally a hands on experimental approach.


An explosion of colour – mixing patterns and colours together.


Glitch pop – a vibration of colour mixing complimentary colours together
with pattern and print




Tropical pop – amazing colours with vibrancy, mixing primary colours together.


A trend with afro inspiration. The world goes ethno! A mix of florals colour, prints and collage



Afro pop, Animalier, a mix of black and white prints and colour. Zebra prints mixed with geometry



A trend focusing on assembling objects, looking at enlarging them creating over sized weaves and embellishment.



A trend focusing on the future is here, living in the moment, looking at layered objects, dark metals and japanese patterns.


Indigo couture, all things denim. luxury safari mixed with techno nature.


A trend focusing on reflection, reflective colours and objects.


A trend focusing on mixing nature with technology. To take time out and reflect. Create patterns from nature reflections and the landscape.


A trend moving towards living in the moment, focusing on your emotions and creating a meditation zone. Mixing the light translucent colours with dark, using soft colours creating a calm relaxed vibe.