The festive season is upon us, the Christmas parties have started  and you will be needing a large leather bag to take to work, not only will you be having your lap top you will also have your party attire, make up plus those killer heels.

Which bag to use? Here are our best picks..

The multi carrier – a must have to stow your party gear, make up and your killer heels.
This bag will carry a multitude of things, is lightweight, waterproof super strong and durable and when you are the last one standing and needing to dash for the train she will transform into across body bag

The Amber. A bag to carry all your things and more. Room enough for a little stay over!
You can stow all your work gear plus your party attire and 2 x pairs of heels incase you can’t decide what to wear!
With her pocket on the front you can place all your must have belongings train ticket when you are dashing for the train.
With her dashing colours of blue and black she is a great bag to be carrying under your arm.
She can be worn across the body or as a leather shoulder bag 


The Tamara Not quite as big as the Amber leather tote bag or the multi carrier.
The Tamara will hold your key essentials plus a bit more, but will look super stylish with her curved opening and classic design.


The Saddlebag  For all you lovers of backpacks this definitely ticks the box.
Room enough for a night away, pair of shoes, dress for the evening.
With her secret pocket on the back you will be super safe with all your belongings.
A great bag for travelling in London hands free so can make a dash for the tube or train when you are running late.