Read a brief resume as to how the business has evolved and where it is going..

Jane Hopkinson Bags a family run business based in Sussex has been evolving over the last 30 years. The first bag was ever made was in Jane’s front living room, the ethos of the business is to offer our customers something that is unique and different and is done so by mixing un usual colour combinations together textured and plain and that still stays the same today.

Jane’s first collection in 1980 was based on her passion for unusual shaped forms which led to her first commission with the Pineapple Dance Studio.

As the business evolved her husband Jerry joined the team bringing a collaboration of sculpture and  design putting Jane Hopkinson leather bags on the map. A further development happened later in the business when their daughter Leah joined the business, bringing her experience of the fashion world and commercial experience wanting to expand the potential of the business by creating a digital strategy online. Her role is now front of house in sales, management of the website including photography lifestyle and product  and the future development of the business.

The business over the years has gone from strength to strength and a new sister line is emerging a collaboration between Jane and Leah using Leah’s printed textile design and Jane’s knowledge of making handbags, watch this space as there will be more to come….