A first attempt of making a #leather #clutch.

For years I have wondered if I could sew, so today was the day at having a go! Of course with Jane’s expertise and supervision..

First a little practice getting used to the sewing machine and sewing in a straight line, surprisingly having not sewn for a very long time, it all came back to me and was able to progress quicker than I thought!

Next sewing pieces of leather together creating panels …

And before long onto proper making, my aim was to create something at the end of the day, Jane thought this was a little ambitious, but happy to say I proved her wrong!

Next onto the task of making a #leather #clutch, stitching the pieces together, to create a wonderful finished item and what fun I had, although alot more involved than I had imagined!
I was pleasantly surprised at how much satisfaction I got out of it and pleased to say that this maybe filtering into the range in the near future so watch this space.

Here is the finished item..