Linapelle trends for Spring Summer 2016,

The power of makers. the power of nature, back to the origin of making but creating something different by personalising things.

Trends for Spring Summer 16, colours are very neutral with accents of colour, the colours for this season are timeless, creative, and will be seen through all season, a trend coming through for no season with a cross over of colours

Kalaidoscope prints is a big trend that is coming through, loving the layering an richness of colours and textures, a theme for movement and light into dark.


Contemporary look, kaleidoscope prints with geometry, transitional colours for all seasons, faded and washed out colours


Bags – Travel weekend bags, drawstring bags, Fringing on bags.
Colours tropic chic in contrasting colours
Inspiration form flowers geometry, plants and abstract art a real trend  from South America in geometric patterns

Strong influence of flowers, flower power, botanical flowers and seed flowers, a feeling of real transparency. Trend towards editing and cutting up an image to be re woven. Colours influence of oriental dark colours with slashes of bright.

A real trend for sport, mixed with geometric prints, stripes, afro Japanese texture.
Bags – basic chic, simple everyday bags with simple construction

Trend for a worn out and washed out look, patch work / shading layers, warm tones,
Back to basics a trend for up cycling