We have just the answer for you, having worked in this field for many years and hearing clients comments about how hard it is to get something that is different for their son or daughters wedding that no one else will have we decided to team up with Lomax and Skinner bespoke millners in Lewes to help you achieve this.

The idea being that we will help you eliminate trawling the shops and come to both companies for something exquisitely beautiful, timeless, classic, and will last a life time, to help showcase this we will be creating a special occasion photo shoot that will be taking place end of March.

Creating several looks for you to see..

Mother of the bride / groom
Garden summer parties and cocktail hour

You can match the bag to the hat, and with a vast array of leathers we have in stock we will be sure to match something for you, making your bag and your occasion truly special.

Here is an example of how one of our clients created this look for Mother of the Bride using lomaxandskinner and JaneHopkinsonbags