An interview with Jane Hopkinson.

Q What is your inspiration behind making the designs?
A My inspiration is from natural forms, and my love of the 1920’s and 1930’s.

What are there different processes in constructing a bag?

Each design is different so the order of the making will adjust to what is required

These are some of the processes

Creating the design, drawing the shapes and working on maquettes.

The templates are worked out for each section.

The templates are placed onto the leather to avoid blemishes.

The leather shape is hand cut.

The edges are skived on a skiving machine.

All bench work is done before the sewing.

Various components of the bag are stitched before putting the bag together.

Linings are worked separatley either leather or fabric.

Fittings can be added mid process or at the end of the making.

Q From all the designs you have created over the last thirty years, which are your favourite designs..
A The scuptured shapes –
The Petal, Wedge, and of course the LOLA the latest addition to our collection..

Q Where are all your leathers sourced?
A Italy.

Q There are many diffrent leathers in the range what type of leathers do you need to use
for scupltured and soft bags?
A We use mainly cow hides 0.9 – 1.1mm. Sculptured bags need a tight finish. Soft bags need to have a softer feel to create a more fluid look.

Q Within the range you have many different leathers. How are these created to get the
textured look?
A Heat foiled / embossed.

Q What process do you use to cut the leather?
A Every single piece is cut by hand using a stanley knife.

Q How do you work out where is the best place to cut the leather.
A Best is the back of the hide. We try to avoid the belly which has more stretch and is often marked.

Q How many blades do you go through in a month?
A Around 200.